Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Couldve, shouldve, fuckoff!

Romantasising about what i already couldve been, reminiccing about where ive already been, coudve already been ontop of the world and free, yet i decided to take a tour through hell first just to see, got stuck there for a good couple of years, got fucked really hard by my regrets and fears. Dont remember much more than a haze, i mean morning till night i was in a daze, working, using and dreaming, what the fuck was i scheming. So many steps it took to get out of that hole, so much work have i done on my soul. Lived ih a hole so fucking deep, i really thought that my life addiction would keep. So many steps to get out, so many more understanding who and what im about, its a long fucking road i took and if you really want at all my mistakes ill look, but the wrong was not the definition of me and that im not too blind to see..

'Woke up to this morning
staring at the ceiling
hoping for deliverance
from the distances in you.
this room feels like an oven
somewhere south of no where
north of nothing
barely out of Tuesday
seen seven hours of Wednesday
And I guess got regrets
maybe you could leave a light on
leave a light on for me
can you see her waiting
there down by the sea'

Counting Crows - Barely out of Tuesday

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