Sunday, 31 October 2010

Complaining again?

How much longer can u complain, stupid enough to inflict on yourself pain? Just fucking yourself up-time and time again, then you have the audacity to think you are sane, yet you are constantly on a plain, flushing your whole life and all you have down the drain, scoring at the bottom of a dodgy lane, sometimes you have to take a train, but if you look at the bright side there is a lot to gain, for one thing tour life is not mindnumbing and mundane, and you hide it so well cause you tend to get a bit vain, not always realizing how much you have fried your brain and then it just starts over and over again and again and again...

'Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same
The more you change the less you feel
Believe, believe in me, believe
That life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
We're not the same, we're different tonight'

Tonight, tonight - the smashing pumpkins

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