Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Second for second our world is rotting more and more away, no wonder why addicts use - to take it away, take my word for if - everybody likes to be fucked and that is most of the time, I ask you with tears in my big brown eyes - is that such a crime? I mean look what we deal with every miserable fucking day, is it really so bad to want this to go away? Im not talking full on addiction - just a little hope, is that so bad to really help u cope? Here im not talking about your soul, im talking about a bit of a push to make you reach your goal. Is that such a huge sin there, or are you too stoned to care? What ever your reason may be, I promise u its about the hell we live in u don't want to see, am I right or am I wrong & why the fuck am I sitting here writing this stoopid freaking song??

'Subtle wind blow me gone
Let me rest upon your move
I trust I'll end up sleeping
Cradled in my doom so I feel what I feel
I can't grasp what is not real
So I'll get myself real high
And imagine I'm a Spaceman
In another place and time

I guess
I'm lookin' for a brand new place
Is there a better life for me'

4 Non Blondes - Spaceman

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