Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nearly done

6 in the fucking morning, everyone else is still snoring, sitting awake like a fucking big ass, might as well have been smoking glass, nothing 2 do at this time of day, just wishing some time of your life away, watching the world at peace and enjoying their sleep, thought coming to you this time of day is quite deep, cramps in your stomach-already they start, everything else is alright except for your heart, beating too fast-beating too slow, your body wants to stay-your head wants to go, leave your warm comfortable bed to go and score, after that first hit your head just wants more, never knowing when its all gonna end, only after your broken head you mend, sometimes strength you receive to break free, really starting to miss yourself your real me, just being yourself more than once in a while, yet falling back at lives first trail, no one can say you are wrong or weak, not really understanding why you peak, all these thoughts run through your head and still it 6 in the morning and you're still in your bed.

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