Friday, 18 March 2011

don't know,should I care?

Confusion reigns supreme in times of frustration, anger and when pain is really present in ur life then so out of luck you feel yet the answers are always biting you in the ass but yet you are to preoccupied in your cloud of shit and unhappiness that if it spat in your face you won't even realize what the fuck just happened. Taking a slow stroll down the street, no rush-just watching the world go past you in fast forward and then you start moving slower until you stop to think, is this whole process of chasing wind so fucking important to all these sick and twisted people out there that are so caught up in a system of greed,hate and destruction that they never stop to take a breath and realize that there is more to life that driving a Porsche and thinking you are better than someone else cause your model of car or house is bigger, better or newer than your neighbors? Do you really feel so sad and insecure in who and what you actually are that you have to base your entire existence on material shit and through personal experience money, 100's of friends and trying to be better than everyone else doesn't fill that emptiness and hollowness you are feeling on the inside, it just makes you more and more shallow as you walk the path of trying to boost your ego. True love and happiness doesn't come from all these things society does so well in selling us through advertising and catchy marketing phrases. All they are doing is make us feel inadequate, inferior and make us envy all the people around us we are supposed to love as we love ourselves but that is where the problem comes in - see the dilemma you find yourself in cause if you start chasing all the crap the telly so strategically brainwashes us into buying and feeling like you are not anything or anyone if you don't dress like them and have everything they have. When do you ever get time to measure your true being, when will you ever know where your morals and values really are. You can never know who and what you really are if you are always living above your means and always relax in the lap of luxury. Just a thought though....

'Going down a dirty inner city side road
I plotted
Madness passed me by, she smiled hi
I nodded
Looked up as the sky began to cry
She shot it.'

Rodrigues - Inner city blues

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