Saturday, 2 April 2011

Love and hate

It's very difficult to understand that one day you and that very special person you love will do anything and everything for each other, then the next moment its like the plague has developed in you and once the happy bubble bursts there is no going back - or is there? Hope upon hope and dream upon dream you wish you can just wake up and it was all a bad dream, all the regrets and feelings of inferiority just gets washed away like all the dirt gets washed off this planet after a beautiful spring rain, leaving everything feeling and smelling fresh and new, like a complete new beginning, going right back to the beginning, the honeymoon phase of your relationship leaving all the bad behind, back to the love you still feel every day and notice how much you really love that perfect and amazing someone with whom you shared the most perfect time of your life through all the hurt you feel in there absence. And its not about not knowing what you had until it got fucked up, fuck only an idiot would not notice the degree of perfection you found in that special someone who put back all the colors into your dreams, put everything back into perspective and again sparked the realization on how special you actually are. Being happy with yourself is already an achievement but finding someone who completes you in ways you never knew existed never mind have ever felt or even experienced that is the most amazing feeling ever and then just overnight all off a sudden you're not good enough any more, yes I was waiting for the bubble to pop but not like this explosion that ripped everything you thought you knew into a billion little pieces. Not everyone is lucky enough to find that perfect and amazing person who you want to spend and share every moment and experience the rest of forever with and then there are the lucky few of us that actually get to have that someone in your life for a short period of time but I can promise you the moment they get taken away from you no words or amount of tears can explain to anyone who has never experienced it how badly it can hurt not even to mention how badly it can shred your heart into tiny bits of nothing and the only thing that can mend that pain is so near yet so far away and doesn't matter how close they are, if they are not in your arms, holding them so close that u never want to let go not even time can mend this bent, buckled and broken heart of yours. If someone teaches you the true meaning of unconditional love and all off a sudden it gets taken away or becomes conditional that is the true meaning and feeling of pain. Love found and lost leaves you completely empty, aching and dead on the inside...

'your love it's just a dream, we were perfect when we started, I've been wondering where we've gone'

A murder of one - counting crows

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