Monday, 5 April 2010

anger is?

I dont know what the fuck is wrong in this fucking head f mine,
killing myself of like this-bit by bit and it's not even like there is
any enjoyment in it at all, every day is like a race against time vs.
money. a constant worry about health and well-being, knowing the
truth, knowing what 2 do, seen the light millions and millions of
times over and over, made the choices, the right ones again and again
but still its been the same old fucking story, same old freaking
routine going on ten years, well ten years for this game anyway and i
promise you this hasnt been the only one, the worst definately by far,
not the only, why i call it a game i dont know cause games are usually
fun 2 play and in this instance something, not even someone, has fun
playing with you-it doesnt make sense but not 2 much makes sense when
there is junk in the equation, wait everything makes a whole lot of
sense when there is junk in the equation its the people that dont make
any sense...

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