Friday, 2 April 2010

yet another subject

in so many ways, over so many days, never getting 2 to the ending,
just getting better t pretending, that I'm am not, just another junkie
snot, if only you knew, how well this i can do, being the apple of
everyone's eye and all this is based on a lie, being the best at
everything i do, yet I'm totally fucking screwed, everything about me
screams junkie, yet I'm not the one being the monkey. if you look at
all the things in my life, the evidence is quite rife, yet no one
seems 2 see this horrible secret inside of me, this secret that I've
been hiding for years and guarding with lots of tears. every night
praying it will just go the fuck away yet this bastard thing just
wants 2 stay and ride me in more ways than one, hard 2 believe smack
used 2 be fun?

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