Tuesday, 13 April 2010

see?who me?he-he?

no guts, no glory, thats it-im sticking 2 my story, wasnt me, cant you see? is that your reason, out of season. lets not go there, i dont easily scare. pull out your gun, see me run, far far away, you wont see me till another day. for how long can we pretend, that all of this is godsend, due 2 all the ignorance everything is falling apart, want 2 see the truth-look inside your heart. break down everything that doesnt seem right, try 2 do it without a fight, pretend not 2 see the hungry mans plight, for this you need all your might, wait till he is literally out of sight, i promise you all this shit will bother you in the middle of the night? and they say ive lost my fucking mind?

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