Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another WTF

Why is it when you want to write there is absolutely fuckall there but the moment u r busy doing something like walking without pen,paper or pda then the inspiration hits you so fucking hard that it nearly knoks you off your feet, same as everything in life when u have your canvass and all your paints ready there is just one big fucking blank and why when you think yor life is perfect there is always one or two motherfuckers that try to pull you down to their level can people not stand to see another human being being happy not happiness from money or posessions but true happiness fron the core of your bein but I suppose after a while u get used 2 getting pissed on from all diretions. Everything is so fucked in this world already then the stupid cunts out there try to put out the truly bright lights that give light to the world and guide them in a nes direction. How fucking retarded can people get or is it the love for money and hunger for power that blinds then to the true beauty out there or is it that ignorance really is bliss?

'this is the end my only friend'
Jim morrison

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