Sunday, 6 February 2011


Life is just one big fuck up after the nxt-u just have the strenght to get up & start growing then some ignorant mother fucker filled with regrets of a life they failed to njoy put all their hates and fears on the people they put into this world to learn for themselves, forcing your hopes,fear and dreams upon them will only confuse them more, fuck up everything to the xtent that tey will slowly desend into madness,then spiralling faster and faster untill they reach thy point of self-destruction-not the nice kind where ur head xplodes & u feel no pain but the kind some people refer 2 as a romantic suicide maybe even a dipressive disorder or another nice term chemical substance abuse but sugar coat it all you want drug addiction is the common name for it, blame wrong friends, blame trauma in your youth, blame the wrong choices you can even go as far as blaming your parents for leaving you this disease as their last inheritance or legacy but no one looks as far as blaming this fucked up world where we live in where people are just doing all desperate things to find their way or make sense of a system we live in that really doesn't make any sense at all-who the fuck knows what causes all these babies to get raped,helpless old people to get murdered, fathers having kids with their own daughters & then still rape their granddaughters & u have the audacity 2 blame friends & choices, open your fucking eyes and see the world for what it is,stop chasing wind & money for a second & then you'll realise why your kids are so fucked up-its always easy 2 blame someone elsebut the most difficult thing in the world is not just to realise but to accept the problem lies within your fucking eyed people and your hearts will automatically open & things can only get better...
Just a quick thought cause most of u r to blind to see it for yourselves-blinded by money,power & greed and all that shit means absolutely FUCKALL to me I have nothing accept for real friend and complete happiness. FUCK THE SYSTEM

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