Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crazy is?

Everyone in this freaking world has lost their fucking mind and that is from me when im being kind? If you had to see it through these schmangled eyes of mine, you would realise sommewhere you have to draw the line. How long can you go on chasing hot air, how much further before you realise there is nothing there, common sense doesn't seem to be that common anymore and to money and the system everyone is a whore. Do they really want to spend their lives chasing simple measly possessions and just having to sell it again and cry about it in the midst of the recession. Having conversations about designers and money, they all think they are so classy yet I think they are funny. I wish one day they could just open their fucking eyes, man would they be in for a huge freaking surprise. These snobbish bastards walk past me and look at me as though I am a piece of shit, maybe they should do a bit of a moral inventory and then realise they are not it. After a bit of self study they will see it is acually much better to be me...

This is out of our rage... and it's grown
This is getting to be outta control
I'm a negative creep and I'm stoned

Negative creep- NIRVANA

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