Saturday, 15 May 2010

Violence is not an answer?

How much hate can one single person carry?
How much anger can that same fucking person bury?
To what extent can all this shit make your inners corrode?
And how much more before you eventually explode?
Then eventually blowing your fucking top,
Looking for the first motherfucker to drop,
Face first into the fucking ground-
How strangely therapeutic does that sound?
All this hate and frustration out in a single yet deadly blow,
Then kicking in his face-nice and slow.
Or maybe you can talk this out over a nice cuppa tea?
But I can guarantee you afterwards you won't feel free,
Not free from all this hate and anger I mentioned at the start
Clogging your mind and upping the rate of your heart.
So what sounds like the best option to you-
Cause for every punch you throw some asshole will sue...

You wanta antagonize me
Antagonize me motherfucker
Get in the ring motherfucker
And I'll kick your bitchy little ass

Get in the ring-Guns'n'Roses

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