Monday, 17 May 2010

What is it with a subject?

So for how long can you go on fucking up this badly?
If you think about it-till you drop dead; quite sadly.
So how many times can you try to quit?
That is up to how many times you fail and that's quite a bit.
So why do you put yourself through this?
That my friend is part of a bigger quiz,
Questions and answers lost in this fight,
The tug of war just to come right.
Every day you win-just for a while,
Then the addiction fights back and fucks you with a style.
So what the fuck is the moral of the story?
If you think about it-no guts no glory,
Or is it just- how full of shit can one person be?
I don't know- lets just wait and see...

Sugar man, won't you hurry
'Cos I'm tired of these scenes
For a blue coin won't you bring back
All those colours to my dreams
Silver magic ships you carry
Jumpers, coke, sweet Mary Jane

Sugar man-Rodriquez

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