Thursday, 27 May 2010


So many threats of you heart stopping beating,
So fucking worried that you changed your way of eating?
Started out not giving a fuck what you eat,
Then suddenly you gave up meat,
Why?because its not good for you?
No because you feel so powerless you don't know what else to do, creating a perfectly costructed lie you live every day, trying to hide the bad and wishing it would just go away,
Every bit as powerless as you feel, and I can promise you it is real, so lost in every fucking way,shape and form, fearing and hating everything about the norm. Health feels like its hanging on a single thread, fortunately you're not gone-not yet. So how far lost can one person be, just get hooked to smack and you'll see, or rather not and just take the word of a junkie, or don't-and on your back you'll end up with a monkey, that won't easily get off-not without adding to your life a lot of pain and if you don't have a lot of strenght you might just end up insane..

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