Saturday, 24 December 2011


From this evil that's living deep inside, from this horrible part of myself I simply cannot hide, some days you just completely takes control of your being, in your rational mind all the negative you are seeing but conveniently it helps to makes u forget, about all the hate, anger and regret. Finding your weaknesses and tearing them apart, it's just a matter of time then I'll end up right where all this shit did start. Finding yourself, once again very far from the light and to get back to the mother fucker will be a huge fucking fight. Every single cell in you body is screaming: NO! but then there's a certain part of you that just starts counting money and...there u go. So badly do u know it is wrong that while you are in the shower getting ready to make a mission you are crying, being this out of control and powerless against your addiction will only lead to dying. Trying to fight with yourself never seems to work, cause when you are pushed in a corner you'll never know which part of you is the biggest jerk. His strength is your weakness and your weakness is his strength and to take you back; this fucking bitch will go to any length just to get you back in her complete state of control, the more of you she gets the closer she gets to your soul - And that part of yourself is the only true reflection and throughout all the hate, manipulation, and lying you finally get to a point where you can really give yourself a good inspection. Finally get to the root of the problem so u can grow and move along...and when I started writing this it all sounded so completely negative and wrong?

"Jah show every mon him hand, and Jah has show I mine"
Bob Marley

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