Saturday, 24 December 2011


These last 32 years of my love has bn quite tough, atleast i got this amazing lesson about love - it was really so amazing, true and pure and for once in my life i was in the moment; really here. But as you know 'nothing last forever and we both know hearts can change' and it's in that moment your whole life you need to rearrange. But atleast i know where im going and in everything in every aspect of my life it is showing. Sumtimes here sometimes completely lost and gone but its in those deep dark moments where u shud remaniss where you're from. All this shit that you have put yourself through, you cant regret it so embracing is the rite thing to do. Thinking about all the dark wholes you've been in; thinking about how many times a new life you had 2 begin. Atleast now i know who i really am and take my word for it, it didnt jst come with a bang. Lessons slowly learnt through pain and alot of times i thought i was going insane. Just closely and barely escaping from splitting madness - usually followed by days of extreme sadness. Aslong as you grow every day and that learning comes from work and play. All work makes me a dull boy and then all i want to do is my braincells to destroy. Yet the road i walked was fucking tough and very long - bad standing on the other side i can see tht ive gotten really strong. And now to everyone who told me ill never amount to shit, you better watch out cause this is it. There is no stopping me from today - im going right to the top and there is no other way. For all those who never ever in me did believe: now that i know what i want nothing will stop me to achieve, everything for myself i set out to do. So what else is there left for me to say xcept for fuck you and have a nice day.

'if you enjoy what you do; you'll never have to work a day in your life' - albert einstein

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