Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sick fetishes

So freaking far away from what the rest of the world calls normality, if only for 1 minute myself through their eyes I cud see; altho the curiousity goes more than just one way - cause I would love it for them to see themselves through my eyes 4 a day. Most things that they see as 'bad' will sort-off be justified and they'll realise tht all this time over nothing they cried...

Our realities and thruths are soo hectically different and far apart - if i had to name them all I wudnt even know where to start. That fucking list would be soo rediculously long; but all the logic behind every reason is really overpowering and strong! We can all make it better if towards a happy medium we all could reach... but the saddest part of this reality is that most of the ignorant motherfuckers you cant teach...or lets rather say an ego-dominated person who 'knows everything' you just cant reach, can't or rather doesn't want to be taught, cause it can't be significant if it's not better than yours and at a highly overpriced botique was bought.

So stuck are they in their ways and these ways are so completely, totally and utterly wrong, listening to their amplified ego talk for just one minute feels like forever and fucking long. So what if for one second they could just shut the fuck up and start listening? And then maybe for once in their lives they could learn something mildly interesting? Something they could carry with them for forever and a day or maybe it even opens up their mind into living life in a completely dirrerent and positive way....

But how the fuck do you talk sense to someone that's always fucking right - i mean thats a sure recipe for a fight. Yet, ill try and try again and again cause to me upsetting their reality is somewhere to begin. My thruth hitting them like a ton of fucking bricks and then they all look like a bunch of dicks. And thats the only pleasure in life i need; knowing that im doing what i can to make us all suceed.

'Hello, is there anybody in there; just nod if u can hear me. Is there any at home. Come on now. I hear you're feeling down, i can ease your pain and get you on you feet again. relax, ill need some information first, just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts' comfortably numb - pink floyd

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