Saturday, 20 August 2011


Always and forever baked, always soo far fucking gone from what is actually real, so many brilliant ideas to get out of this shit-hole, just no fucking energy to get up or even reach for your goal. How
much more shit and pressure can one person take? Before your whole life fucks out and gets ready to break. Into millions of pieces its completely fucked up and blown apart - so fucking ruined it is thatvif u wanted to pick it up you wont have a fucking clue as where to start. And from this point everything in your life sux always sux - it feels like you are drained and completely ran out of luck. everything that once used to be important in your life is slowly and suurely drifting away and yet all you care about is the deadly games you play. And then in a second hard and solid you from grace, from high and mighty to flat on your fucking face. But as sick and twisted it sounds, this drop could be the beginning of getting both yor feet on the ground? cause when you are completely lost and alone with nothing earthly left to even mention that is when all this nothingness starts to cause a shit load of tension. And then when u break down, end up on your knees and you start to scream and shout then you start realising what all this shit in your life was about. Eventually the right questions you will start asking about your life and then you can rid yourself of all this self-inflicted strife. Althought the million dollar question still hangs in the air - what are you gonna do with this answers and knowledge now that its there? Ignore the answers - the common sense, the logic and wish it away? Atleast it will give you time to fuck up your life more and to lead your all positive thoughts completely astray...

"He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions." — Confucius

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