Saturday, 20 August 2011


To truly have the power to forgive and then really forget, no time on lose on a single regret, moving forward at the speed of light but there is always someone who wants to fight, these idiots are literally always standing in your way, can't they just fuckoff and with themselves go and play. What is your fucking problem dude - don't u know that not minding your own fucking business is considered rude. Let me go forward and fuck my life up all the way and I'm sorry if you get offended by the crude display...
Its none of your fucking business how and why I numb out the pain and if u knew what the fuck would there be for you to gain. sad enough; misery some people will actually sell so I see some sad people's view that we are living in hell - and I thought I was the one with the fried brain, yet these idiots have the audacity to call me insane. There is just no way this stupidity to sugarcoat, no wonder every now and then I like to enjoy a little boat. Just 2 smoothen out lives little kinks and catches and then in the bigger picture to avoid lives little boxing matches. I'm not sure how much sense the lines above make cause up till recently a lot of drugs I did take, sometimes it feels like your brain is ready 2 snap and break, just one little push is all that it will take and this little push will cause your your whole reality to start to quake then your whole foundation will crumble and shake, lets hope for your sake that the strength inside of you is not fake otherwise through this dilemma its not possible for you it to make?

'I Hate Myself and Want to Die' - Kurt Cobain

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