Saturday, 20 August 2011


Its actually quite impossible to explain that something that makes you feel this good can cause so much pain, or was it the pain that put you on this quest to make yourself feel better, and then your quest took you to that huge horrible fucking letter, the big capitol 'H' the one that makes everything feel so much better. The love of your life that makes all your dreams come true, everything seems so perfect that giving yourself completely over seems like the right thing to do? Except for if you don't get it, things quickly go from half alright to completely shit. Little things start to happen: for istance so badly does your skin begin to crawl and you whole world feels like it burnt and then on top of you it did fall. Constantly vomiting up this bile-tasting green slime but that's also only if the diarrhea gives u time. Stomach cramps like no one has ever before experienced or seen - I can promise u that off dead u would have much rather been. But who focuses on the negative when once again you've got a needle in your vain; cause man this shit was created to to take away the pain. The big problem is when u dont get it, ofcorse! Then you start getting this huge feeling of remorse, in a second all of your shit and issues will slap-bang hit you in the face and all off a sudden to yourself you are a disgrace. Hating every second of what you have so casually turned into, really starting to grasp the reality that you really don't have a fucking clue. There are two operative words in a junkies' vocabulary firstly it's score and then that second word is always more...

'No man can lead man, we have to have unity' - Bob Marley

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