Saturday, 20 August 2011


not much changer as the times go by. The lies just become more and more, but
theses lies are not to hurt anyone or get anything. No they are to protect
you from the people, the ones who judge you and look down upon you and
belittle you cause they dont understand you. Fuck them, who do they think
they are, comparing you to the rest. Adding this stigma to it and then
including you in it. If only they could walk for one fucking day in my shoes
then they would start to understand what pain, anger, wanting to die and
total destruction feels like. Every morning from when you get up to every
single fucking night when u close your eyes and then in the morning again just to show you who is the fucking boss. The only thing that can make you feel this bad also the only thing that can make you feel better. Aint life just freaking great...

'Its better to burn out than to fade away' - Kurt Cobain

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