Saturday, 13 August 2011

And u thought you are fucked up?

Every second of every day, just waiting for the clock to strike 12 cause in reality you are just barely existing the 50 or so minutes between hits - every hour on the hour u need your fix, sometimes your habit spirals so badly that it gets to every 30mins and I can promise u thats the longest 1/2hr or hour of ur life - ok I'm lying if you wait for your dealer a hour feels like a year(although the asshole said 10mins) but anyway 8:00, 8:59, 9:55, 10:40 and then you realize if u go on at this speed - i'll b outta gear before your work day is over so you start panicking and then u focus more and more on the time - so i'll have to make up that 20mins with adding 5mins to each hour and that's when u really start stressing so i'll have to wait to 11:45 or maybe even 12:00 - then the fucking time starts dragging the fuck along and here from 11:43 till 11:44 is the longest fucking minute of your entire fucking excistance and just there and then you decide: fuck it! I've waited long enough and there is no better time than now, I mean one fucking minute, who can't wait for a single min, 60sec how long can 1minute be? Trust me if you are a smackhead in that 1 min u can lose ur fucking mind, go completely fucking bonkers, not being able to escape this splitting insanity that is occurring in ur life at this very second but if u think about it, it happens about 5 times a day when you are using junk, and people say only weak people use drugs - wake up and smell the motherfucking coffee, addiction carved you outta stone, strength that can't be taught in any institution on this little green and blue planet of ours, wisdom that raises the bar in ur existence and only if u can put this shit behind u and stop wasting ur time on all this unnecessary drama, shit and adventure in ur life then finally will you be able to take over the world and change it but the reality of the story is: You have to sort yourself out before you can start pursuing your dreams...

'You can live a lie until you die, one thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside' - John Lennon

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  1. I've been reading some of your posts. I liked this one, I could really relate for some reason.