Friday, 19 March 2010

believe in?

Another day, another reason 2 pray, just wanting the best, forgetting
about the rest, how much more suffering can you go through, what the
fuck are you gonna do? how much more can you bare, through all this
hate and despair, being high all the time, why is it a crime, the only
one i hurt is me, the rest are 2 blind 2 see, what i am really doing,
cause im the only one im screwing, stealing away from my own life bit
by bit, then eventually turning it completely into shit. once you
accept this fate the rest turns out quite great, the more time you took
and the deeper you get 2 look the more you will understand how much of
you an addiction can demand, taking away everything that once was you
and building back someone very true, sometimes bad, mostly sad,
stronger than before with lots of wisdom plus more, another day,
another 10 million fucking reasons 2 pray...

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