Thursday, 4 March 2010

still gone

The truth they dont know,the real me i can never show. if 2 them the
truth i told,about what i am they will b sold. not looking the truth 2
c,but just passing their judgement on 2 me. doesnt matter what goes
wrong,ill get blamed ill b the 1. i have 2 play them all like a game
of chess,and that is 1 of the things i learnt 2 do best. if only u
knew how much energy it takes,4 me not my cover 2 break. hiding away
in plain sight,how the fuck am i getting it right. 2 make sure that
the smackhead junkie part of me,no one else but myself will ever c. if
only everyone around me knew,i already know what the fuck they will
do. all i have 2 do is continue 2 bend the truth a little bit and that
my friend,that is it

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