Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lost-who me

So what, when where and even why the fuck should i even care, no one
gives a shit about anything else than their own pile of shit they are
sitting on, gaurding with their lives even and have the audacity to
look down to me. So much pain is already present in my existance yet
they just pile on more and more. Dont anyone stop to think anymore,
even if just 4 a minute. All this negativity, all this useless shit
they worship,maybe if the world could change,just a little bit,which i
know is fucking impossible cause they are so stuck in their ways of
having more and being better and stepping on anyone and everything to
get their share of all this unimportant shit,then maybe i would stop
numbing all this out and start playing along. I am not naive enough to
think that one little me,right at the bottom of the
foodchains'(according to them, cause according to me im way above them
in things that are important) oppinion would make a difference to
their mentality.No,im not feeling sorry for myself in any way,but for

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