Thursday, 18 March 2010

dont think this is a subject

2 many questions, not enough answers, 2 much 2 do, not even enough
time 2 plan a proper journey and already you have 2 pretend 2 enjoy
the ride, being forced into the complete opposite direction by someone
with a smile on their face and a good intention in their heart, so
much fear for change yet praying for it 2 come morning, noon and
night, losing your fucking mind while your are fighting for your own
sanity, looking at your watch and realizing that once again you are
late for work, not caring about it yet worrying about it while you are
on the way there, complete and total peace of mind in the system goes
hand in hand with losing who and what you are and working towards
getting it back means less or no more peace of mind, what are we
fighting for cause no matter what the outcome cash is king and he with
no money will be the cunt and then if you make a lot of money it turns
you into a bigger cunt, a losing battle or just someone losing their

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