Sunday, 7 March 2010

thought for food

if only people knew how horrible it is 2 be trapped in this heroine
hell, cant do anything, cant go anywhere, nothing, nadda, zip- without
having a fix, taking a fix with and working out how long you are going
2 b there and making sure u have enough fucking smack with u, keeping
in consideration enough is never enough and always running out ahead
of schedule. quickly trying 2 get home b4 the sick starts kicking in.
yes-the dreaded cold turkey; the runny nose, the cold sweats, the
crawling skin, the puking of that horrible tasting yellow slime that
just doesnt want 2 fucking stop and dont even mention the smack bowel
syndrome-holy shit(no pun intended)it could actually b funny if u
werent feeling so fuct at the time. welcome 2 my world

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