Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Get there?

Brain is standing still, trying 2 think is like pushing a train upill,
no creativity left in my mind, only hate, destruction and all things
unkind. On a buzz 24/7, 2 some it may sound like heaven, but the
reality behind the story is its not all glory. its more a relationship
built on hate, doesnt this addiction thing sound great. hating every
second of your life as it goes by, wanting 2 quit all the time- i want
2 see you try. cause the moment you stop using, that is when it gets
confusing. insanity keeps knocking at your door and the muscle spasms
keep you on the floor, crawling out of your skin- thats where the fun
begins. throwing up from morning 2 night- yep it sound about right.
you think being hooked on smack is fun, its much easier 2 get a gun,
and put an end 2 this shit, yep that sounds like it...

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