Tuesday, 16 March 2010

still blah-blah

How do u pick this up, how do you 'come right', how the fuck are you
suppose to sort this out. all this shit was not done in one day and
there is no fucking way it gonna get undone in a day, some much energy
got put into this delicate procedure of fucking up a perfectly good
life- so perfect, so pure, so much potential, capable of anything and
everything but nobody couldve ever imagined how capable i was of
fucking up that perfect everything so good and solid. the only thing
that is still left is a big, stinky pile of morals, why stinky? cause
morals kinda get in the way when you are hooked on smack, i can
promise u that. a junkie that doesnt steal, who the fuck is gonna
believe that? i wont, a junkie that doesnt lie about anything exept 4
his addiction, what the fuck is this world coming 2- heroin addicts
that dont lie, steal, cheat, eat meat, white starch or anything
processed or out a factory- no wonder im so fucking misunderstood
cause i dont even understand that myself or could it be a cover,
created by my subconcious to protect me because no one can see the
real me under all of this and i promise u if they found out the truth
everyone will say they knew all along and ill be back at square one,
getting blamed for everything from a cellphone that dissapeared 500
years ago to global warming and im so not in the mood for all that
shit cause i hardly have the strenght for this...

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