Tuesday, 16 March 2010

These subjects are killing me

2 fried 2 even write a poem, 2 baked 2 even wanna get home, all you
want 2 do is sit and chill not having much of a free will. wishing u
were dead, i think that is enough said, how can u still carry this
another day, wont this shit just go away. taking it one day at a
fucking time is worse than commiting a crime, but we have 2 push
through, what else can we do. we cant just throw our hands in the air
and pray cause we have 2 get something 2 take this pain away, from
your lower back to your toes, jip thats about how cold turkey goes,
dont forget the spasms and the cold sweats and the sleepless nights
full of regrets. after a week of hell the boredom sets in and that is
when the real fun will begin...

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