Monday, 16 January 2012


Pissed off and annoyed, so much wasted life you could've enjoyed, just wanting to punch the fucking wall or just have a quick fight with a random stranger at the mall. Why?...Cause of the way he looked at you? I can promise that guy will never ever figure out what the fuck it was that he did do. Totally, utterly and completely out of control, do u actually have with your life a goal? Impulse and rage your only drive, cause I mean into chaos and anarchy you did arrive. Raised in anger and constant fear, its a fucking miracle you are still here. I can promise its not fun to have the shit kicked out off u every day by your own dad, god this whole world is just so fucking morbid, depressing and sad. Penetance and and regret might be on top of the menu - and there is nothing about it u want to do? It all starts with a single choice you make, then in a certain type of detox (which acts as you punishment)you must partake. Then there is the matter of sticking with this choice, and this you must do without making a big fucking noise? Cause most of the time its just love and attention you seek. Why?...Cause everything else in your life seems so fucking bleak. What did u expect you'll get of years of being a junkie? Feeling so good all the time has to come with on your back a monkey. And this motherfucker needs to be fed...otherwise you are gonna fall back into hate and regret. All you have to do is stand up and face the new day - althought, immediately your troubles won't go away. Caught between a huge fucking rock and a very hard spot, so at the end of the day this hate and anger you need to replace otherwise from the inside you'll rot...

'cause he hates him so badly he blocks him out,
if he ever saw him again he'd probably knock him out, his thoughts are whacked, hes mad so he's talking back, talking black brainwashed from rock and rap'
eminem - sing for the moment

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