Tuesday, 31 January 2012


You are sooo hectically in denail, how can you look at yourself in the mirror and still smile, so sick and twisted are you in the fucking head, that you can live life and pretend you dont have one single regret? You ARE the fucking man, the one who is constantly making a plan, even just your first fix for the day to score; and after that you make a bigger and better plan just to get more. So you still don't think you are a junkie? Well most people who know u think you're a stupid fucking monkey. But noooo: you are always and forever right - i dont even know why you bother to fight. Just admit it and they will all go away, leaving you with so much more time to play. Get yourself in a buzz and stay there all day long - god dammit this can't be that wrong...

'Itls funny how my memory skips, while looking over manuscripts of unpublished rhymes'
Simon and Garfunkel - A hazy shade of winter

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