Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh! my queen - her royal majesty - H

H is the one you dont fuck with; H is the 1 you really run outta luck wth. H might be your lifes' king or your hearts' queen; but just stop for a moment and think about all the fucked up places you've been. How it gently picks you up with what can be mistaken for a mothers touch, you see how everythings fucking up and you still dont think whats happening is too much, and then all of a sudden with the speed of light it takes you, and to infinity it'll fuck u over and completely break you, into a million and one pieces everything will be in shatters, and you'll reach a point where absolutely nothing else fucking matters. These huge parts of yourself you'll lose, and its not bits and pieces from which you can pick and choose, this new compananion of yours just festering inside of you, then when its done with your sorry ass as it comanded you what to do, the only tiny bit of yourself remaining is completely totally and utterly askew. Will you be able to lift youtself out of this complete disaster, will you get so fucking desperate that you'll even go and see a pastor? When you get to the point where friends and family are all gone, so fucking low down that nothing more can go wrong - so weak you'll be that you'll totally forget who you really are, and all you're really doing is covering up a very deep scar. You have to let go that is the only way. Lift yourself out of this shitheap and give them a decent display, of who you really are and in this fucking messed up life you're still gonna go far. Show all those negative motherfuckers what you are really all about - so that they can feel shit about all the negative comments at you they used to shout: You'll never make it and you wont amount to shit! Well this is me and i am doing it, standing up out of the gutter and of my life i am making a sucess, cause now i have a deeper understanding about life, people and all the rest. I know myself better than anyone of you would ever desire, and from being kicked down and standing up all the time my hearts on fire. Fuck the rest, its time to make of my life a success...

'starting from zero, got nuttin to lose'
Tracy Chapman - fast car

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