Sunday, 15 January 2012


Have you ever tried to numb out all off your underlying pain, jesus fucking christ - i can promise you that it'll drive you completely insane. Already knowing it but realising it more and more with every single choice that you make, that this is the completely wrong and most fucked up road to take. See how high you can actually go, always the lead actor in your own show. U can't call it a show cause no one is watching B! Altho the paranoia will make it feel like everyone is looking at me. Losing my fucking mind more and more as each day just drags the fuck by - just wishing that away from all this unnessacary shit you can fly. So what is your next strategy or move bro? Come on you've been through this more than once so by now you've got to know. But more and more like an idiot you feel as each day goes by, and it's gettng harder and harder not to just break down and cry. So what the fuck else is there left to do, do u realise how hard yourself this time you are gonna screw. Get up, wake up and just start to change and then evrythng in your life you can properly start 2 rearrange... Get ahead and do your own fucking thing and make sure that in your life you are the one that the happiness brings. Don't need a fix to forget and try to make yourself happy, as a matter of fact it just makes everything suck and life more crappy...

'Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how i fall
Confusing what is real'
Crawling - Linkin Park

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