Saturday, 7 January 2012

Subutex, suboxone or heroin?

That's a huge question that will constantly on my mind remain, cause at the end of the fucking day they are each and all the xcactly the same... i mean if you forget about the legal side of things, but all the same gifts of joy they bring. Well we move the suboxone gently to the side? Because of the killjoy called naloxone that in it they hide - well if you look at the bigger pic very closely and closely is a need, all the other subtututes are just legal forms of opium and heroin indeed? If an educated junkie has a choice between subutex and suboxone, clearly standing out is the subutex cause thats the one with for a while longer legally he can play - and everyday shit still gently and painlessly fades away. If he had a wider choice: methadone or morphine definately it would be, ive been there and u can take my word 4 it that the buzz is the only truth you see. Cause at the end of the day they are still all excactly the same, and before you can even try to change my mind you'll first have to go insane. Cause i promise u its not about what you've read, on this topic u get more educated on all the stuff that into your veins you've fed...
I mean you can be on that legal shit for a year, and your naive parents they won't have a single fear. The doctor prescribed it while sitting back completely relaxed and with crossed feet, so its legal and its keeping their kid off the drugs and off the street. I mean that's a win win situation either way? Do you really with me this game wanna play? But the moment you try to step away from your substatute after years, just like smack it leaves you in pain and with these huge fucking tears. What is the first thought to cross an addicts your mind? The doctor is close but this time round may not be so kind, handing out your favorite smarties for example subutex and pax, boy does a mixture of those 2 sure make u relax...
Well the dealer hasn't changed his mind about good customers an havn't moved one single fucking inch; so that gives us; the peole with the addict mentality a quick reason to binge. Cause after a year 2 fall in ur parents eyes my be alrite, i mean the doctor and the chemist are just around the corner and in sight. So then once again you fuck up badly and your parents do damage control, do they not see whats going on here - like i mean do they actually have a goal?
So it sort off feels like you're fucked either way but you're the clever bastard that this game wanted to play. Come on you clever wise ass little fuck, whats your next move cause you're seriously running outta luck. You dont have parents to look after you, yet you are clever enough yourself over and over to screw. You have to get back on your own two feel all alone, no mommy or daddy who your burden will share or own. Choice is how your going to do this, and at the end of the day all this shit you wont miss...
Well after a while you might convieniently about all the bad forget and then once again all you have left is regret.....

'wake in a sweat again
another days been lay to waste
in my disgrace
stuck in my head again
feels like ill never leave this place
theres no escape
im my own worst enemy'

given up - linkin park, minutes to midnight

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