Friday, 13 January 2012

Zen ?

Firstly lets start off by defining what sanity really is - being mudane and mindnumbing or in everything in life you are looking for bliss? I dont know & i dont understand, what all these other idiotic motherfuckers from me demand. I mean they look at my life and think im either stupid or crazy, while i look at them and feel that they are stupid and fucking lazy. Not because they work for a boss or cause they're always out drinking: but for the simple reason of not using their common sense and just start thinking, how much more of lifes' treasures they can enjoy! without so much of their precious time to destroy. Wasting away every second of their lives at jobs they hate, and by just taking a risk something bigger they could create. But since they were young they were being programmed that striving to be mediocre is ok? But in my book that word is a way! It has to be the best or nothing at all, cause i know that the writing for sum time now has been on the wall. In normality ill never ever believe! There is just so much more with your life you can achieve...

'Try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side'
The doors (Jim morrison) - Break on through(to the other side)

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