Friday, 3 February 2012

Evrythings fucked

I suppose it happens 2 us all, but a day like this u actually wnt the grim reaper to make a house call. Why the fuck does everything always blow up this way, wth me life really likes to toy and play. That vial of mercury at home ive evn considered drinking - cause maybe the poisoning it causes will help me stop thinking. Worst case scenario it'll help u all your shit forget, i would do it if i knew it would take away all that i regret. So what the fuck shud i do? U dnt know either so fuck you too...

'Its just one a those days when you dont wannawake up. Everything is fucked, everybody sucks. You dont really know why, but you wanna justify. Rrippin someones head off.No human contact, and if you interact your life is on contract. Your best bet is to stay away mother fucker. Its just wanna those days'

Limp bizkit - he said she said

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