Sunday, 26 August 2012

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Its not about the heroin but the needle, the addiction. Its not about coming clean but being sober and staying clean within lifes restriction. Its not just about misery but comfort in sadness and leaving things in tatters. Sobbing about things and huge chunks of youself youve lost although its a good thing so none of it actually matters. So much destruction and waste into your life you have brought BUT look at how strong life made you and all the lessons you got taught...
Its not about the falling but the getting up, the staying there. Its not about the N.A.F.I attitude but fixing it all and showing that you actually do care. Ot about how many holes you poked in your body from feet to neck, its about being fortunate enough to be in this position to fix your body this wreck. Its also not about everything and everyone youve lost along the way: more and more appreciating that youve lived to see another day...
Addiction really hectically sucks dick, come...lets write a korny fucking poem about it and lets do it real quick...

"A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on."

William S. Burroughs


  1. Thanks For Sharing Your Life, Your Feelings and Emotions. It Really answers the Question, What it's Like to Be An Addict. Your Blog is Very Informative. You Give the World an Understanding of What it's All About. If You Decide You Want A Cure, it's on my Blog, and Stories of other Addicts.

  2. hey hope u ok mate celia thats a big claim u have the cure??? no disrespect but the 'cure' is obvious and thats abstinence x its overcoming the compullsion and the fact it feels so good can u change that?? neway 'smackhead' its great to hear u been so positive!!! keep it up x

  3. Dude change your background, I don't read your awesome blog often cause I can't see the words. I seriously like your blog, just hard to see.