Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Building block for a new world order

This disease has gotten to a point thats so far past and beyond mad, a reality that is more than sick, twisted, fucked up and way across the line of being sad. Pulling you way out of your true self and the bit of you thats left is so fucked and depressed and with a needle you are so fucking way past obsessed. Getting up and staying clean for a day or three - after putting yourself through all that shit you get up and use: any logic? Nope! Fuck me...
Im not sure if you should analyze the problem or just let go? Stop immediately and turkey your arse off or over a couple of days or wean it off and take it slow. The second option is just an excuse to fuck it up for a while longer; bullshitting yourself into believing it will keep your mind and body stronger? Not sleeping for the couple of days you dont use; then by using again you put yourself through that same fucking abuse, now once again youre fucking yourself over by being high so at night its just another form of sleep deprivation. God dammit, fuck me running! Heroin addiction in your life just causes devistation...
I mean laying down to pass the time before your next hit, while waiting these stupid fucking poems i write and thats about it. Watching the clock and waiting for an hour to pass, up and down, preoccupying time by cleaning, painting or smoking some grass. Life is really out of balance, shattered and a complete fucking waste, how much more sadness and misery do you want to experience and taste? Oh heroin the love of my life or should i call you my favorite lady smack? Definately far from a lady - god i would really love to get my fucking life back!!!

"Drugs are a bet with your mind."

Jim Morrison

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