Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Again...whatever or a quick thought

Going through fucking hell, pain and misery to find your way to go home again, and in the blink of an eye, one single moment of weakness completely losing it as the opiate addiction takes complete control of your body and brain. Go through this huge fucking mission of finding your feet once more, then once again you trip youself and allow life to kick your feet out under you and you end up on the floor. You love and give with all the passion that your heart and soul does posess, in return you get the gift of a guilty conciouns, inferiourity, remorse and deep dark heavy cloud of hatred hanging around you all the fucking time. Against all your knowledge, experience, and better judgement you open yourself up to trust, very quickly once again you realise why you find it so fucking difficult to let people in and why i keep them as distant possible, prevention is better than being shat on i suppose...

'Everything has beauty, but not everyonesees it.'


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