Friday, 31 August 2012


Constantly getting my sorry ass up and out of this shit hole and then again...fuuuck im falling!! Hectically sick, tired, fed-up, fucked up, annoyed and really so over this crawling. Like a huge fucking mission everything in your life does feel, all these shitty feelings: sadness, fucking disasterous, frustration hate and anxiety? Unfortunately all real. Trying to crawl my way to the top and out this deep, dark, neagative and black hole, then just the other fuckup is to gather the pieces youve lost; body, mind and soul. What a fucking hell of a mission to go through; but there is no other way to get up and this process to do. Just bite the fucking bullet, brace yourself and crawl to the top, just make sure you stay strong otherwise youll lose all youll lose grip and once again to the bottom of the hole youll drop. And that is a bitch place to be. But dont take my word for it; just pick up a quick addiction and then for yourself you can see. Thats also the worst advice i could ever give to you - cause if you pick up this habit thats one of the hardest and most fucked up ways in which yourself you can screw. What to do? Screw you too. What to do? What to do???????????.

"I was more addicted to self destruction then to the drugs themselves ... something very romantic about it"

Gerard Way

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