Sunday, 5 August 2012

Smack attack

After being so fucking cross-addicted to so many substance for 16 years, of all the drugs ive consumed heroin has left the most scars and tears. After walking through hell and having experiences like ive had, to just relax and go through life with no issues - fat chance to that. I dont even know why the fuck im writing, some days i dont even know why i still bother fighting...
So much fucking energy i waste goes into trying to quit, for enjoying life you dont even save a bit; Not even to mention having fun cause youre always on a mission - always on the run. Just chasing wind to keep the clucking away, and for that; any amount of money youll pay. And its not even a buzz your after anymore, its all just to feel normal and keep the pain away from your door...
To use something just to feel normal - what a fucking waste of life. All the misery it brings to your life is all over; just rife. Just hating every second of every day as it drags the fuck along. I promise you that literally everything in your life feels wrong. Heroin makes you feel like this and its the only thing that can make you feel right, and with all the aggression it brings every situation is a ring for a fight. Fuck man, what the fuck can you do, did you ever realise that yourself this hard you can screw???

'A jug fills drop by drop.'


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