Friday, 3 August 2012

Clueless - again or still?

Trying my utter best to atleast fail my way forward, i know if i overcome all this shit my life will show great reward, i know how much good will come from me just leaving everything behind - maybe for once ill start seeing life again as being kind? I know one simple choice will make all this shit go away, yet with myself and my life games i want to play. Ive got a drawer full of meds for the clucking - yet still with the smack i am fucking...
Its not the coming clean that is the bitch; you might think omg thats fucking rich! But its the staying clean thats the bastard thing cause mudundane, mindnumbing boredom is what to your life it does bring. Everytime you go to the loo you think its cold turkey youre going through. Smack has really shaped your life in a million aspects, taught you different new ways for life to respect.. Still its such a bitch to get away from this shit, fuck me sideways - i dont know how but i just have to fucking do it!!!

'Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be.'

Joy Page

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