Monday, 13 February 2012

Another subject?

Constantly lying and decieving, what the hell do you think you are achievng? Master minipulator in every single way, and im a skilled opponent if it is mindgames u wanna play? Raised and trained by the king, the fucking best and if u want you can come and put me to the test. Being fucked up psycoligically from the age of 8, holy shit my childhood was just fucking great...
Double standards was what i was raised on, at first it confused the shit outta me and then it made me strong? Do u actually see any sense in my words, it wont even make sense if you put them on chords. And then it even still sounds worse while it runs throught my burnt and fried brain, jesus christ all the thinking really just causes a shit load of unnecccasay mental anguish and pain.
Really dont know many thoughts can go through my head at once - but i know its very confusing, most ignorant sheeple might just see it as funny or amusing. Atleast they got something out of it - cause im not gettng anything; not even a little bit. Can you see how far i've run away from the point of the story - i dont even know what it was - glory. So what was the point of writing down all this shit, i dont have a clue - not even the slightest bit...

'And a song I was writing is left undone, I don't know why I spend my time? Writing songs I can't believe. With words that tear and strain to rhyme. And so you see I have come to doubt, All that I once held as true, I stand alone without beliefs, the only truth i know is you'

Simon and Garfunkel - Kathy's Song

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