Sunday, 26 February 2012

Again and again

If i had cash for every single time i made a promise too myself to just stop fucking using, i would literally be going through this life; just cruising, a million and one promises too myslf i have broken, and then all the shit to myself i have spoken. I think I have personally been victim much more than the other people to whom I have lied, but not too many tears cried over this shit i have cried...
Remorse isn't something you should at all get stuck on, cause I promise you it'll turn your life upside down and buckle it completely fucking wrong. Constantly worrying about the problems really won't get you anywhere, what it actually would do is turn your life into a even bigger freakshow with an added twist of scare. Forget all this shit and start digging yourself out of this fucking hole; get the hell out, embrace the light for once and see what life really is about...
It's not all moonshine and roses and that i can promise you, and then still have to make the best of the hand you got dealt too. Yet if you can make it thru 16 years off addiction with 'reasonable' eaze, then the rest of the future can only be a fucking breeze. Not always this optimistic - am I? I promise you inside me there is another side that wants to scream and cry?

'Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.' - Bob Marley

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