Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Who the fuck

So who the fuck do you think in reality you are actually really
fooling? It's like denying that you're busy smoking buttons but you
are still busy drooling? I mean that when it comes to takng yourself
for a cunt - you are the fucking king! You really need to slap
yourself so fucking hard that for a month long your ears must ring.
Someone needs to fuck you up hard, solid and extremely good; And to
you hopefully that will be excactly what your thought needs - some
Something to really sit down and think about, and if you got fucked up
hard enough left, right and centre good then creative thoughts will
start to sprout. But untill that day lost is what you will be, and you
don't need to be a rocket-scietist to be able that fact to see. Cause
untill that moment of clarity has been knocked into you dude; well
untill tht moment comes my friend; you are pretty fucking screwed...
Not knowing the difference between the beginning, the middle and the
end. And after a while you get soo over the fact that you constantly
have to pretend. In reality there really are some good and true parts
of you that can stay - but those skeletons screaming to jump out your
closet you need to kills, lay down and bury very far away. But what do
you do about this constant fightng about morals happening on your
inside? Cause this It really take heaps and fucking heaps of energy to
Just sticking to a promise to to yourslf will make all this shit go
away, and then you'll start looking forward more and more to your next
day. But why is it so fucking easy to influence yourslf and your whole
mindset in 1second you can change? And in that moment of weakness your
whole life you will fuck up and completely rearrange. Cause you know
after that one bad choice life will once again start getting really
fucked up and unkind - and with every wrong turn you make you'll drive
yourself closer and closer 2 losing your mind...

'of all the things ive lost, i miss my mind the most' - Ozzy Osbourne

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