Saturday, 4 February 2012

No more subjects: Aaargh!

How much more can i write in a single day? Will putting it down on a fucking blog make it better or make it go away? All i know is tht my brain feels tired and mushy - but i can't stop cause im not such a pussy. I promise u these words running throught my head will only stop, about an hour after stone cold dead i drop...
Insane an unreassuring as it may sound, ill probably still be thinking when im six foot undergound - thats how covinced i am that these thoughts will forever run at full speed and thats more thoughts than what 50 people in 20 life spans need. Compresses amd crammed into your head like a solid block of grass. When will anything ever make any sense and why is everybody soo fucking tense. I really dont actually know what more sensible to say, except for: let's call it a fucking day...i have to say nitynyt: cause not much longer these sleeping tablets can i fight. Hip-hip-fucking-hooray! Its the end of this long, horrible and miserable fucking day...

'this is the end, my only friend, the end

The doors - the end

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