Wednesday, 18 April 2012

24 hours - again

I quite casuallually and easily made the first 24 hours, cash in hand and then i lost my will and powers, but i believe that our universe has a plan, this is my time to shine and i can! Used a bit and threw the rest of the gear away, tht gave me so much strength that once again im past a day...
To someone that has no experience or not a lot, that dumb twat would say so fucking what? But you cunt: you have to start somewhere and i dont actually give a fuck what you think or care. I promise you ill sort out all my shit, and to those who pushed me away - ill even help you a bit.
Altho it is two in the fucking morning, everyone else is out and snoring, im king of everything thats around and walking, is that me or the subutex, pax, stilnox & ganja talking? I dont actually give a continental blue fuck or in laymens terms: care. Cause some how i know the tables will turn and once again ill see life on as fair...

'if it makes u happy - it can't be that bad; if it makes you happy - why the hell do you look so sad!'

Sheryl Crow - if it makes you happy

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