Monday, 16 April 2012

24 hours

Hectic shit - ive been clean for a day, hip-hip-fucking hooray! Give yourself a huge fucking hand, every junkie would understand what a step this is, but throught be told compared to what is coming this was piss! Now forward i can start to look for a while cause you're probably wondering when you fuck this up whith a style...
Not this fucking time round, how familiar does that not sound, you make it a couple of steps and just start getting strong. Then this motherfucker called temtation comes along. It really fucks with your head and scrambles your balls and then if your not careful you'll have one of your famous falls!
Or can you turn this one around? Weird and fucked up as it may sound. Maybe this one time i can get and stay up, not allowing my head once again to be corrupt, and now it just up and forward ill go, and this time round im taking it slow...

'dont worry about a thing cause every little things gonna be alright'

Bob Marley - 3 little birds

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